Anthony Montgomery

Anthony Montgomery

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No one knew that an energetic kid from the Midwest would one day set his sights on the lure of Hollywood and the entertainment industry, but Anthony Montgomery has done just that. Relocating to California in the late 90′s, today, Montgomery continues to make his mark in entertainment.

Anthony Montgomery was born Anthony Dwayne Montgomery in Indianapolis, Indiana. He attended George Washington High School in Indianapolis where he flashed glimpses of a performance related future, often being dubbed the “class clown.” He had no idea his youthful exuberance would be the foundation for a promising career as both theatrical and comedic on-air talent.

Montgomery was introduced to performing in public while singing in the church choir as a child. Ironically, the usually boisterous, demonstrative young man became introverted and reserved when placed in the spotlight. Never one to share his true feelings, he hid his trepidation and continued in the choir until his mother gave him the option of leaving the choir when he was a teenager. He left promptly, marking the end of Montgomery’s social performances…at least for a while. Several years later he discovered a new performance outlet in the form of freestyle Hip Hop dance. Though he wasn’t very good at first, he loved dancing and worked so hard that he gained the respect of his peers and recognition in the Indianapolis area as a prominent dancer. His unbridled love of dancing propelled him to co-create the dance duo, “the Bad Boyz” in the late 80′s. As a founding member, this collaborative effort was instrumental in sharpening his dancing abilities as he and his partner won several dance competitions. This passion for movement sparked Montgomery to begin choreographing, first his own group, then others. He stopped choreographing to focus on furthering his education.

Once he began college, Montgomery soon discovered his true life’s purpose, his true passion. Acting. He began acting while studying at Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (I.U.P.U.I.). Being one of the few minorities in the Theatre Department, Montgomery was given many opportunities to begin honing his craft. As he appeared in numerous plays, his love for acting grew. The aforementioned reluctance to public performances was replaced by an overwhelming urge to emote on stage. With each play, each character manifestation, Montgomery learned more and more about himself and his talent. He knew acting was his life. It would not be a “job,” rather a career. After gaining practical experience, both on and off stage, he transferred to Ball State University. Montgomery graduated with a B.S. in Performance Theatre and Drama. Hollywood was calling, but it would have to wait.

After graduation, Montgomery returned to his singing roots, relocating to Chicago where he was recruited to sing in the R&B group, “A-Sharp.” After the dissolution of “A-Sharp,” Montgomery returned to Indianapolis, where he began doing stand-up comedy. Feeling the name Anthony Montgomery was a mouthful for a comic, he decided to use the nickname given to him by one a college professor and “A.T” was born. Determined to become a successful comic, for months he practiced, adding characters and music to his routines, until eventually gaining a strong following in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Much different than being in a play, whose success or failure was often determined by multiple players, stand-up comedy provided the solo confidence Montgomery needed to tackle the treacherous terrain that awaited.

Finally ready for the challenges of Hollywood, Montgomery packed his car and headed West in November 1996. Soon after arriving to California, he landed a job as a print model for a national Tommy Hilfiger campaign. Despite the seemingly “instant success,” gaining ground in the entertainment industry was not as easy as anticipated and Montgomery was forced to take other employment to make ends meet. Having learned production (off camera) while in Indianapolis, he gained employment as a production assistant (P.A.) on several shows including: “Hard Rain,” “Suicide Kings,” and “Amistad.” His final stint as a P.A. came on the controversial television series, “Nothing Sacred.” Montgomery knew that if people in the industry kept seeing him as a production assistant, they wouldn’t take him seriously as an actor.

He never looked back. Montgomery landed a job as host for the children’s adventure show, “Awesome Adventures,” which gave him the chance to travel around the globe. Between episodes of “Awesome Adventures,” he booked various co-star and guest star roles, including his first recurring role on the WB television series, “Popular.” Noteriety from “Popular” gave Montgomery industry momentum and not long after the series ended, he was offered his most significant acting role to date, Travis Mayweather on “Star Trek: Enterprise.” With the new role, he began using his own name again.

And Hip Hop began calling again. This time in the form of music. Having a profound admiration and respect for the genre, Montgomery used his own funds to produce a four song EP/Demo titled, “What You Know About…” The venture was a success and he knew music would play a major part in his future. The grandson of legendary Jazz guitarist, Wes Montgomery, music is in his blood.

The untimely end of “Star Trek: Enterprise” in 2005, marked a new beginning for Montgomery. With a loyal fanbase supporting, Anthony Montgomery is poised for greatness in entertainment. In 2006, he filmed two independent feature films, one of which has garnered critical acclaim on the film festival circuit, winning 4 awards (including Best Narrative Feature Film). In addition to acting, Anthony Montgomery has created and is developing animation. In 2007, his investment to music payed off, with the signing of a multiple-album record deal with the German based record label, AGR Television Records, as the first Hip Hop artist to the label.



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