Erica Cerra

Erica Cerra

The 100  ♦  iZombie  ♦ Eureka  ♦ Battlestar Galactica  ♦ The L Word  ♦  Blade Trinity

Erica Cerra has become known for her versatility, charm, and beauty, radiating truth and composure through every character she tackles. Her credits include roles on top television series such as SYFY’s “Sanctuary” and “Battlestar Galactica,” NBC’s “Warehouse 13,” CW’s “Reaper,” Showtime’s “The L Word,” WB’s “Smallville,” and “The 4400,” to name a few. However, Cerra is best known for her starring role as “Jo Lupo” on the hit SYFY series “Eureka.” In addition to television, Cerra is making her mark in film as well, being seen as “Hera” in the Fox 2000 Pictures PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS: THE LIGHTNING THIEF, and starring opposite Steve Austin in THE STRANGER (Anchor Bay Entertainment.)

Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Cerra realized she wanted to be an actress at a very young age. By the age of six, she began taking acting classes. She shares, “I loved watching movies and being entertained, I thought what a wonderful job that must be, to emote true emotion from your audience, to recreate a real life scenario and entertain them. I wanted to make people smile, laugh, cry, I knew I wanted this to be my job.” As a child, Cerra was placed with one of the very first talent agencies to spring up in Vancouver, and started acting in commercials. From commercials Cerra easily transitioned into television and as a tween worked on her first project, an improv children’s show called “The Kidzone” on The Knowledge Network. After “Kidzone,” she landed the pilot for “No Adults Allowed” with a handful of up and comers. By the time she was 22, Cerra decided to dedicate herself fully to acting, and trained with Gina Chiarelli, Matthew Harrison and Larry Moss.

Throughout her career, Cerra has learned to embrace every role, always taking the time to watch, listen, and learn through each experience she has. “I chose this job because it is creative, ever-changing, and inspiring. To know that a character that I have played might inspire someone to take a risk, be adventurous, dare to love, or even just make them feel better on a bad day makes it all worth while” says Cerra.

This summer, Cerra can be seen in season 4.5 of SYFY’s #1 series “Eureka,” premiering July 11, 2011. In addition to acting, Cerra loves to cook, loves gardening, and recently married her high school sweetheart.



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