Erica Durance

Erica Durance

Supergirl ♦  Smallville  ♦  Saving Hope  ♦  Stargate SG1  ♦  House of the Dead  ♦  The Butterfly Effect

Erica Durance was born in Calgary, Alberta, but in 1999 moved to Vancouver, B.C., to pursue film and television. Durance then began landing guest-starring roles on series such as “The Chris Isaak Show,” “Tru Calling,” “Stargate,” “The Collector” and “Andromeda,” as well as numerous national and international commercials.

In 2003 acclaimed television director David Nutter (“X-Files,” “Smallville,” “Supernatural,” “Chase”) met her in an audition and immediately signed her with Warner Brothers. In 2004, Durance landed the much-coveted role of Lois Lane in the hit show “Smallville,” which has just completed its 10th season. Most recently, Durance was a guest star on NBC’s “Harry’s Law” and “Charlie’s Angels.” She currently stars in the medical drama  “Saving Hope”.

Durance’s film credits include “Butterfly Effect 2″ and “Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie.”



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