William Ragsdale

William Ragsdale

Fright Night I & II ♦ Justified ♦ Herman’s Head ♦ Mannequin: On The Move

William Ragsdale is an American film and television actor, best known for playing the teen vampire slayer hero, Charley Brewster in the 1985 horror vampire classic, Fright Night, and as Herman Brooks on Herman’s Head from 1991-94.

Fresh-faced, handsome and with no trace of a Southern accent, he gained attention as the young hero of Fright Night and Fright Night II and onstage in Neil Simon’s plays, Biloxi Blues[1] and Brighton Beach Memoirs, two of the three parts of Simon’s trilogy, which ends with Broadway Bound.

Ragsdale has had a sporadic career on prime-time television. He starred for three years on the FOX sitcom Herman’s Head. He had a brief recurring role in Judging Amy. He played a television producer on Grosse Pointe, which lasted one season. He was cast in the pilot for Charmed, but turned down the series to star in the short-lived sitcom Brother’s Keeper. He appeared on Ellen as the boyfriend of Ellen Morgan (played by Ellen DeGeneres) before her character came out of the closet. He has had episodic roles in television series, including a four-episode stint on Less Than Perfect, as well as small feature film roles.

In 1991, Ragsdale, starred in the sequel to the film Mannequin, entitled Mannequin Two: On the Move. He appeared as Gary Hawkins, Winona’s second husband, on a dozen episodes of Justified from March 2010 through March 2012, during the show’s first three seasons.



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