Dana Kimmel

Dana Kimmel

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Dana Kimmell  is an American actress who has starred in movies and on television. She played Dawn Marshall on Texas and appeared on Days of our Lives as Diane Parker from 1983-1984.

Her first big acting role was in the 1982 3-D horror classic Friday the 13th Part III as Chris Higgins, the final girl. She had also made a cameo apperrence in the show Happy Days as Carla. Another big role came in 1983 in the action movie Lone Wolf McQuade, playing Chuck Norris’s daughter, Sally McQuade. Kimmell made a guest appearance on the 2-part Second Season episode “When you coming back, Range Rider?” of The A-Team in October 1983, and has made some guest appearances on TV shows, including Charlie’s Angels, Eight is Enough, The Facts of Life, and Hunter.

Kimmell does not act anymore but did audio commentary for the DVD release of Friday the 13th Part III (1982), talking about the experiences making the film and the aftermath of it.


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