Sam J Jones

Sam J Jones

Flash Gordon ♦ The Highwayman ♦ The Spirit ♦ Stargate SG-1 ♦ 10 ♦ My Chauffeur ♦ Code Red

Sam J. Jones is best known throughout the world as Flash Gordon, The Highwayman, The Spirit and as Aris Boch, in Stargate’s SG-1.

He has starred, co-starred and guest starred in over 40 films and 100 television shows, including Ten; My Chauffeur; Under The Gun; Lady Dragon II; Hollywood Safari; Walker Texas Ranger; Code Red; Conan The Series; Thunder In Paradise and Fists of Honor.

Sam is currently developing an Action-Adventure Television Series for the Chinese and American television markets, titled PORCELAIN COWBOYS, (aka RARE BREED.)

As a Goodwill Ambassador, Sam travels extensively throughout Asia, Europe and America, attending speaking engagements; personal appearances; media talk shows and charity fundraisers. Sam is uniquely transparent and very approachable while sharing his personal experiences, encouraging others that they are no longer victims, then passionately illustrating how to rise above any and all of life’s obstacles.

In addition and after much demand, Sam is writing his first book, a “from rebellion and failure to success” story, titled STOP THE BABY TALK, GET OVER YOURSELF and STEP INTO YOUR DESTINY. This will target the domestic, as well as the international audience and will enlighten and inspire every reader. Since this year marks the 25th Anniversary of The Making of Flash Gordon and December of 2005, marks the 25th Anniversary of The Release of Flash Gordon, Sam will incorporate a 2005 release of his book with the 25th Anniversary celebration, combined with all speaking engagements and personal appearances.

Sam is a former United States Marine and recipient of numerous Entertainment; Civic and Humanitarian Awards, including Citizen of The Year, presented by California State Senate; County of Los Angeles; City of Los Angeles; and North Hollywood Police Department, as well as The Outstanding Achievement Award in The Entertainment Industry, presented by The Southern California Motion Picture Council.

Sam resides in Southern California. He is a husband and father of five children.


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