Walter Koenig

Walter Koenig

Star Trek  ♦  Babylon 5  ♦  The Starlost  ♦  Son of the Beach  ♦  Columbo

Walter Koenig performed the part of Chekov in the Star Trek tv program and motion pictures and had the recurring role of  Bester in  the Babylon 5 series.

He’s authored three books including his autobiography “Warped Factors”.

His television writing credits include among others “Class of 65”, “  “Land of the Lost” and the animated Star Trek series.

Among his favorite stage characters are Tom Sawyer opposite Mark Lenard in “Boys of Autumn” and Scrooge in  “A Christmas Carol”.

His theater direction include the plays “Becket”, Hotel Paradiso”, “Fastest Clock in the Universe” and the stage adaptation of two original “Twilight Zone” episodes.

He has taught acting and directing at several venues including UCLA and in private classes.


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