Marc Singer

Marc Singer

Beastmaster  ♦  V ♦  X-men  ♦  Dallas  ♦ Criminal Minds ♦ Eagle Eye  ♦  The Love Boat

A star in both television and feature films, Marc Singer continues as a fan favorite to both adults and children. His popularity stems from such title roles as THE BEASTMASTER in the three original films of that name, as well as Mike Donovan in the three acclaimed sci-fi TV epics V; V: THE FINAL BATTLE; and V: THE SERIES.

Both THE BEASTMASTER and V continue in popularity to this day, V as a perennial ratings favorite on the Sci-Fi channel, and THE BEASTMASTER rated one of the top most requested films on HBO for over a decade. In fact, the joke was that HBO stands for, “Hey, Beastmaster’s On! The same can be said of the Turner Network’s most requested films in its library, as well. The longevity of both these favorites generates a constantly renewing resource of fans, as parents continually introduce their children to these classics.

Add to this a season on DALLAS (the most watched nighttime series in its day) and his recent recurring guest-star role on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (the most watched daytime series of today) and both likewise assure a breadth of Marc’s fan base across many venues. This past season, Marc appeared in the recurring guest-starring role of Dartanus – sword-master, mentor and guide – in the popular TV series THE BEASTMASTER, spun from the films whose title role Marc created.
Marc’s starring portrayal of the blind student/singer in IF YOU COULD SEE WHAT I HEAR continues its significance to a wide and devoted following, as does the time-travel romance, THE TWO WORLDS OF JENNIE LOGAN – in which he starred with Lindsay Wagner – and as does his memorable starring role as the Heisman Trophy Winner in the football saga SOMETHING FOR JOEY.

Marc Singer’s recent film work includes starring roles in the detective drama, STREETCORNER JUSTICE; LANCELOT, GUARDIAN OF TIME; L.A.P.D . TO PROTECT AND TO SERVE; and DETERMINATION OF DEATH – all ratings favorites, enjoying wide cable distribution. Marc singer is further recognised from his guest-starring apearances on THE TWILIGHT ZONE, THE HIGHLANDER, MURDER SHE WROTE, HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS, HAWAII FIVE-0, THE RAY BRADBURY THEATRE, THE BLACK STALLION, just to name a few.
Marc’s filmography is two-hundred-plus hours of television, numerous films and a career on the legitimate stage in the classic plays of Shakespeare, Chekov, etc. He is a writer, an actor, a composer/singer, martial artist, broad-sword expert and director. With a film project of his own creation in development at this time, a novel underway, the continuing consideration of script submissions and personal appearances, his schedule is a full one, and promises to remain that way for some time to come.



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