Liz Vassey

Liz Vassey

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Liz Vassey is perhaps best known to television audiences for her five year run on the hit CBS television series “CSI.”  Liz portrayed DNA Lab Tech, Wendy Simms: an avid science fiction fan, who even helped solve a murder at a Vegas Convention in an episode entitled “A Space Oddity.”  Fans might remember that in that episode, Ms. Vassey was fortunate enough to reenact several “Star Trek” inspired fantasy sequences.  The storyline involving her possible love interest, David Hodges (played by Wallace Langham) was big, Liz’s costumes…were not.

Liz started acting at the age of nine.  She played the title role in a stage production of “Oliver” (they needed a girl to hit the high notes) and performed in over fifty theatrical productions in the next five years.  At the age of sixteen, she made the transition to television, playing “Emily Ann Sago” on the long running soap opera “All My Children”, for which she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy.  On that show, Liz was also able to show off her vocal chops, as she played an aspiring singer.  One of Liz’s dreams to this day is to finally sing on Broadway.

Since “All My Children”, Liz has appeared as a regular or recurring character on eleven television shows including  “ER”, “Maximum Bob”, “Necessary Roughness”, “Brotherly Love”, “Push, Nevada”, “Two and a Half Men”, and — a personal favorite – FOX’s live action version of “The Tick”.   Liz’s performance as “Captain Liberty” in that show made one of her own personal goals come true: she became an action figure.  Patrick Warburton, as the titular Tick, became a plush toy, as well – but that’s another story entirely.

Liz has also starred in many pilots, several Made for TV movies, and (her favorite) a movie with Tommy Lee Jones called “Man Of The House” – where she played Tommy Lee’s Texas Ranger partner and, more importantly, picked up her real life cameraman husband, David Emmerichs.  David is also no stranger to the scifi world, having been the main camera operator on “Avatar”.  That, too, is another story entirely.

In addition to acting, Liz is an accomplished producer and writer.  Liz co-wrote an episode of CSI in the tenth season (the well received “Field Mice”), and has also sold five television pilots and produced both a TV movie and a popular web series entitled “Nikki and Nora.”


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