Matt Dallas

Matt Dallas

KYLE XY ♦ Baby Daddy ♦ Eastwick ♦ As Good As Dead ♦ Entourage

As the title character on the hit ABC Family series KYLE XY, Matt Dallas amassed fans across the globe and helped establish the network as a forefront of original, scripted programming; not an easy fete when portraying an institutionalized teen savant who’s missing standard human behaviors inclusive of anger, joy, and love; much less a belly button.

He has since been cast in a recurring arc alongside KYLE XY adoptive brother Jean-Luc Bilodeau in the comedy series BABY DADDY. Additional television credits include HBO’s ENTOURAGE and the role of Rebecca Romijn’s love interest on the ABC dramedy EASTWICK.

On the big screen, Dallas is in the process of producing and starring in the wartime drama THUNDER ROAD which will depict the physical and mental hardships and personal triumphs of three soldiers as they attempt to assimilate into civilian life upon returning home from active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. He previously received the Best Newcomer Award from the Monaco International Film Festival for his work in the family drama, THE INDIAN.

Dallas has also appeared in the crime thriller AS GOOD AS DEAD alongside Andie MacDowell, Cary Elwes, and Brian Cox; in the western drama WYATT EARP’S REVENGE with Val Kilmer; the musical YOU, ME, AND THE CIRCUS for which he exercised his dancing and singing skills; the slasher film GHOST OF GOODNIGHT LANE with Billy Zane; and most recently, the sci-fi docudrama LIFE TRACKER.

 Originally from Phoenix, Dallas currently resides in Los Angeles.




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