‘The Flash’s’ Plastique is different from the comics, but she’s still a ‘supervillainess’

‘The Flash’s’ Plastique is different from the comics, but she’s still a ‘supervillainess’

With the return of “The Flash” after a one week break, comes a DC Comics supervillain to oppose our speedy hero. Rather, a supervillainess.

Kelly Frye plays the title character in the episode “Plastique,” a metahuman who has the power to turn just about anything into a bomb. While her character in the comics is on the evil side of the fight, “The Flash” is giving the character a bit of a different spin.

Is there any hope of her aligning with the Flash, though? Frye spoke to Zap2it about the changes Plastique’s character went through for the series and whether or not she has a future on the show.

Those who know the DC universe well know who Plastique is, but who is she on “The Flash”?
Well, Plastique in the comics is a bit different from Plastique on the TV show. On “The Flash,” she’s actually part of the army. She was diffusing roadside bombs in Iraq when an explosion went off that caused shrapnel to get in her body. That’s when she was flown stateside to Central City. When the [particle accelerator] explosion went off that gave The Flash his powers, I get my powers.

That’s a cool new take on her.
It is pretty cool. I’m so excited I get to play her. The best part about it is the woman who wrote Plastique on the TV show, Brooke Roberts, is former military. She was in the army. How cool is that?

If ever there was going to be someone to write that part …
She’s the perfect person! She was on set with me the whole time, in Vancouver together for two weeks. There were moments where I’d say lines that were a little bit more military jargon and I’d pop over to her and say, “Hey Brooke, would you say the line like this?”I just had this wealth of information sitting right in front of me so I used it. She was a great source of military knowledge.

Since Plastique is changing from the comics, who is she siding with? She’s normally a villain. The teasers for the episode make it seem like it could go either way, though.
Well, we just don’t know. I don’t think i can say whether she’s good or bad. But, I have to say, I love the term supervillainess. How cool is that?

There really is no better thing you could be called.
Right? I was like, ‘I get to be called supervillainess? Okay!’ I put that on my Twitter.

Did you go back into the comics at all to learn about the original Plastique?
I happen to have a good resource right in my family. My oldest brother is a huge DC Comics fan. Big time. When he was a little boy, he actually thought he was Batman.He sleepwalks and one night he was sleepwalking and he jumped off the landing on the staircase thinking he could fly. Thinking he was Batman.

Was he okay?
I think he was fine. He probably broke his arm or something, but little kids heal quickly. I broke so many bones when I was a kid. I had four brothers, so I was such a tomboy.
So Jason, my oldest brother, when I was going out for this role I was like, “Jason, I’m going to audition for the role of Plastique” and I asked him, “Do you know anything about her?” Before I could finish my question he was like, “Oh my God, I just read Plastique was going to appear on the TV show on the message board. I can’t believe you’re auditioning for it.”
I got a little background on her from him, then I knew she was a little different from the comic books. I knew her story from the script and I knew what he had told me about Plastique.
I’m excited because I get to have powers. There’s all these cool special effects and visual effects and she’s such a bada** woman, which I’m all about. It’s definitely an exciting role. Everybody in my family is stoked.

Hopefully this isn’t the end for her. So far they’re building this great rogue’s gallery of villains to go back to. If it’s all building to an eventual super-powered showdown, that would be incredible.
I hope so. [laughs] My brothers said to me, “Does this mean there’s going to be a Plastique show? Are you going to get a spinoff?” I was like, ‘Alright guys, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Let’s just be really excited that I’m on ‘The Flash.’”

You never know, it could happen.
It’s true, it could happen. And the DC universe is huge. I’m learning so much about the comic book world. Which, by the way, I love. I feel like the people in the comic book world are so fun. They’re so fun and excited about what they do, excited about characters and story. They’re so passionate about these worlds that are created.

The fans are pretty passionate too and can’t wait to see how the episode turned out.
Uh, me too!

And fingers are crossed that Plastique comes back again. You might not be in charge of that, but find a way to make it happen.
I am doing my best. I’m doing everything in my power to make sure I’m on that show for a long time.

“The Flash” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Source: Zap2It.com