Phil Morris

Phil Morris

Smallville  ♦  Star Trek  ♦  Seinfield  ♦  Mission Impossible  ♦  Justice Leagus (voice)  ♦ Young & Restless  ♦  JAG

Phil Morris was born in Iowa City, Iowa. His mother and father were enrolled at the State University at the time. He was brought up in Los Angeles, with his two sisters, Iona, and Linda. His father is the late actor Greg Morris, who starred in the ground breaking spy drama, “Mission: Impossible”.

After a couple of years on the stages of Los Angeles, Phil was hired to play the multi-dimensional role of Tyrone Jackson on the day- time drama, “The Young and The Restless”. He was best known on that show for playing the undercover “white” character, Robert Tyrone, in an attempt to destroy the local crime syndicate in the fictional town of Genoa City.

After 2 years on “The Young and The Restless”, Phil went on to star in the ensemble farcical comedy, “Marblehead Manor” for Paramount T.V.. He then went on to star in the show that made his father Greg, famous, “Mission: Impossible”, as the son of that character, Grant Collier. The New “Mission: Impossible” lasted 2 seasons, and was shot in the exotic location of Australia. When Phil and his family returned from Australia, he went immediately into the C.B.S. ensemble newsroom drama, “W.I.O.U.”, where he played the forever conniving, yet ultimately charming, Eddie Bock.

Phil and his family returned to Australia, in 1992, to film the four hour television biography of the first black world cycling champion, “Major” Taylor. That project was entitled “Tracks of Glory”, and was a supreme labor of love for Phil. Phil also cherishes his relationship with best-selling author Jackie Collins, which began when she cast Phil in both of her mini-series, “Lucky/Chances”, and “Lady Boss”, as legal genius Steven Dimes. The half- brother of her mega- heroine Lucky Santangelo

Phil is also extremely proud of the critically acclaimed character “Jackie Chiles”, the Johnnie Cochran-esque attorney on the hit show “Seinfeld”. Phil has starred in the Disney animated feature “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”, as the voice of Dr. Sweet. He was recently seen starring opposite Wanda Sykes in the FOX television series, “Wanda At Large”. Phil is now playing the legendary D.C. Comics character, “The Martian Manhunter” on the popular show, “Smallville”. Voice-overs are also a strong part of Phils’ repertoire. He is starring in the Cartoon Network show, “The Secret Saturdays”, and has appeared as a featured performer in “The Justice League”, “The Legion of Superheroes”, and the straight to dvd epic, “Justice League: The New Frontier”.

Phil is a die-hard athlete, and devotee of the martial arts. He studies Wing Chun kung-fu under his long-time teacher, Sifu Hawkins Cheung.



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