Heroes for Hire Team

Photo of  Erin Gray
Erin Gray
Founder & CEO, Broker

Erin Gray, star of Buck Rogers in the Twenty-Fifth Century and Silver Spoons, has enjoyed a stellar acting career spanning three decades. She is also a proficient teacher of Chi Kung, Tai Chi & Tai Chi sword; and the recipient of multiple community service awards for her outstanding speaking engagements on domestic violence and personal motivation. She co-authored an EVVY award winning book called ‘Act Right: A Manual for the On-Camera Actor’. Realizing a gap existed between celebrities who are sought-after for appearances and as speakers, and promoters trying to locate them, Ms. Gray founded her company to assist her fellow performers. The company grew beyond her expectations and has now become a vital part of the growing and ever shifting entertainment and speaker bureau business.

Twitter: @RealErinGray

Photo of  Richard Hissong
Richard Hissong
Partner, CFO “Chief Financial Officer”, CIO “Chief Information Officer”

Richard Hissong was a cinematographer for over twenty years. Director of Photography for ‘Mad About You’, ‘Anything But Love’ and ‘Friends’ he was also the founder of Veloscope Pictures, and provided lighting and technical services for many of the best-known programs on American television. He also provides serves as a consultant on creating computer networks and is a NRA certified instructor..

Photo of  Kevan Schwartz
Kevan Schwartz
Artist Liaison

Kevan has been assisting his mother since the very beginning. Over the years he has received his MBA from USC and works full-time as the Director of Operations for Main Street Development & Construction Services, Inc., a construction company in Los Angeles. Kevan jumps at the opportunity to help out the company and its clients whenever he is needed. As an Artist Liaison he travels with clients to various venues around the world and helps both the promoter and client work well together and fulfill their mutual obligations. As a natural problem solver and people person, his quick thinking and positive attitude makes him an integral part of the company, ensuring that both our clients and promoters feel taken care of.

Photo of  Lori Boyles
Lori Boyles
Webmaster / Photo Archivist

Lori joined the Heroes for Hire team in 2012. A graduate of N.C. State University with a degree in Computer Science, she is the webmaster and photo archivist for the company.