‘Heroes for Hire’, was created by actress Erin Gray, and has been providing excellent service to the industry in connecting celebrities, promoters, and producers with events for over a decade. Who better than a celebrity herself to personally know what is needed to efficiently navigate and facilitate all aspects of event representation and coordination – with the talents best interest at heart.

From personal appearances to speaking engagements, ‘Heroes for Hire’ collaborates with you (and your team) to make the experience whole and fun from start to finish.

Let our team take care of all of your needs:

• Negotiating • Procuring.
• Itinerary Planning • Scheduling
• Transportation • Flights • Car Service
• Hotels • International Logistics
• Press • Photos • Signage • Handlers • Set-Up
• Accounting • Invoicing • Tally Sheets • Etc.

Our commitments:

• To communicate clearly.
• To accomplish our tasks in a timely manner.
• To resolve conflicts with integrity.
• To earn your trust
• To always seek the effortless effort in function and form.

Our goals:

• To harmonize the experience of major event planning.
• To create unprecedented success for each appearance
• To work with elegance and expertise behind the scenes to make you the hero of your event.